What's Your Style?

One of the things the barn girls have in common is a love for decorating.

We follow the trends.

We read all the shelter magazines (what's left of them!) and 

 try to anticipate what our customers would like in their homes.

We don't bring anything into the barn we wouldn't be proud to have in our own home.  

So, with four different women, that can mean four different styles.

 For instance, if your style is vintage farmhouse, we've got you covered.

Kari has spent the last two years renovating a farmhouse that has been in her family for years.  

So, she definitely rocks the look.    

Think enamel buckets, painted furniture, homespun fabrics.  

The style is uniquely American  - sometimes more sophisticated and sometimes more rustic.

Whatever your take is on vintage farmhouse, you'll find pieces to showcase your style at our next barn show.  

April 23 - 25th

3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, Maryland  

Beautiful photo found here.