My New Love

I've been wondering how a psychiatrist would analyze my latest obsession.  

I'm drawn to apothecary chests, antique tool boxes and vintage cubbies.

You may remember it all started last fall when I first fell in love (here).
 But, sadly, like always, eventually my heart was broken.   
(Just seeing my love again makes my heart ache!)  

My new love is a clever combination of 20 antique boxes and a vintage dresser.  A truly unique, one of kind piece.   

Don't you just love it?   

What does my obsession say about me?  

A need to be contained?

Out of control life?

Craving order?   

All I know is when it's love, it's love, there's not much you can do about it!

(To any psychiatrists:   feel free to analyze me!)  

- Gail - 

To anyone interested in this fabulous piece e-mail us:  info@thebarnshow.com