Pass the Lemonade

If you live anywhere on the east coast you're sweltering along with the rest of us.

The heat wave this week has been absolutely brutal and has us looking for ways to keep cool.

We've hit the pool, stopped by two lemonade stands 
and kept outside time to a minimum.

We don't know about you, but this weather has us dreaming about fall.

When the days are beautiful, the nights are crisp and we're weeks away from our annual fall show. 
(Most likely the first weekend in October!)  

Have you noticed a theme with us?

It's all about our barn shows, 24/7!   

We can't help it!  

It's our passion and we love what we do!

But truth be told, this weather has kept us from hunting for treasures!

Here's hoping the heat breaks soon so we can get back to the hunt!  

(The Barn Show - An Upscale Garage Sale)

(Image Courtesy of Flickr and Found Here)