No Time to Celebrate!

(Image courtesy of The Washington Post - (the super talented) John McDonnell photographer)

Yesterday's Washington Post coverage 
of our barn show 
and three others 
(links below)
in the Virginia and Maryland area 
was an absolute dream come true for us!

(It's one of the top four newspapers in the country!)

(read the online version here)

We received so many calls, text messages and e-mails 
we felt like we had won an Oscar! 
(Yes, it really felt that good!)   

It was truly a memorable day 
and we can't wait to meet all of you 
who are planning a stop 
at The Barn 
the weekend of the barn crawl.

But, it's time to wipe the silly grins off our faces, 
tuck the (already) dog-eared copy of the article 
into our super cool vintage grain-sack bags
(available at The Barn Show!) 
and get back out on the road 
hunting for our greatest collection ever!

So, if you like 

Architectural salvage
Cottage, industrial, traditional or rustic home decor
Custom linens
One of a kind pieces
Unique lighting 
and so much more!

Then you'll definitely want to firm up your plans to shop
the show!   

You're going to love it!


Friday, February 25th - 10 - 7
Saturday, February 26th - 10 - 5
Sunday, February 27th - 10 - 5

3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD   21054

And please be sure to visit the other barns:

- The Barn Girls -