Getting There

Pam and I live in the same neighborhood, 
just around the corner from each other, 
but I had not seen her 
since our summer barn show in June.  

So, I hopped on my vintage 
(of course!)
Grand Avenue bicycle I bought 
at an auction and peddled over
yesterday to check out her new pool.

It is fabulous and made 
me want to dive right in!

There's something about a pool 
that puts me in "vacation mode", 
but since I don't have one,
and Pam might get tired of me doing laps
in hers, I'm seeking out 
other vacation destinations.

I'm heading to the beach Saturday 
for a week in the sun and sand with 
my family.

I can't wait!

How about you?
Have you been on vacation?
Where did you go?
Where have you been?
Have you done any antique hunting?

Details, details!
We'd love to hear how 
your summer is coming along!

- Gail - 

(Fabulous photo found here)