The Goods

Check out what I picked 
up at the auction yesterday:

When I spotted this vintage soda rack I knew it would be the perfect multi-purpose piece.   
It's a cool way to organize shoes 
in the garage or mudroom 
or the perfect rack to stack 
logs for your fireplace on.
Or towels in the bathroom!
I knew I had to have the 
next piece when I spotted the
tag on the back:

 It's a vintage office chair
manufactured by 
The General Fireproofing Company
of Youngstown, Ohio,
which happens to be my hometown!

If you shop The Barn Show
you know one of the things
we love to have is unique lighting.
These vintage surveyor stands 
will make really cool lamps 
once I have them wired and paired
with burlap drum shades.
I also picked up a super cute vintage
laundry cart which I quickly
loaded with my latest collection
of custom made burlap pillows.

Laundry carts are a personal favorite because
a) they're on wheels
(and I love anything on wheels!)
b) they make great hampers and toy bins
c) end tables!   
Yup, throw a piece of glass on top 
and you have a unique, one of a kind, 
functional table with loads of storage!

It's all about thinking outside the box, repurposing ordinary finds into functional and stylish
home decor! 

- Gail -