Not a Barn in Sight!

How is your summer?   

Having fun?

Enjoying some down time?   

We're making good on our promises
to ourselves to take the summer off to
relax, recharge our batteries and just have
some fun!   

I'm at the beach this week relaxing 
with my family. 

Pam heads out this weekend to do the same with hers.   

There's not a barn in sight!

But, guess what?

I can't stop thinking about our next show!  

There's nothing like sitting on the beach, 
time on my hands, staring into the waves, with time 
to think about our fall show!

What are the trends?
How can we interpret them at the barn?
What fabulous finds will inspire us this time?
What can I create from driftwood 
and the sea glass I've gathered this week?  

In just one month the beach will be a memory, 
all of us will be back home from vacations,
and time spent away from the barn will be behind us.

We'll be together again to start
work on our fall show!

But until then, 
it's time for more sunscreen!  

- Gail - 

(Photo of the beach at Topsail Island, NC)