Rain Drops

Every now and then I enjoy a good
rainy day, especially when I
can stay home, finish up a good
book or just relax in the comfort
of home.  

Except on Wednesdays.
That's the one day of the week I 
hope for sunny skies because it's
my auction day.
If the weather is bad, the auction is bad 
and yesterday was no 
exception to that rule!  

Maria and I were both there
searching the goods
for some cool pieces 
for our fall
Barn Show.
(October 7th, 8th, & 9th)

I can't help it, 
I'm a sucker for antique stained 
glass windows. 

They make me wonder
about the home they came out of,
what the family was like that lived there,
and why they were removed.

It makes me feel good to
save a little bit of a home's history.

The funny thing is,
I have an almost identical window

hanging in one of my guest rooms.
I bought it at the auction years ago!

 I'm also big into 
letters and numbers.  They're
an inexpensive, fun way to 
personalize a home.

I think I might have a teeny, tiny
bit of a chair fetish!
(Last week's auction was all about chairs for me!)  

 I picked up this set of six 
yesterday and fell in love
with their form and comfort!
The backs are high, slightly curved, with
comfortable arm rests and
stylish legs.
What's not to love? 

- Gail -