Another Strike Out

I basically struck out again this week 
at the auction.   

It's not like I didn't try,
I definitely went down swinging.
(Okay, and truth be told, I wasn't shut out completely 
but based on a normal week that's how it felt.)

It's just that either things went 
really high today, or I didn't love 
enough of what I saw to 
bring it to the barn.

And you know how I am,
 if I don't love it, 
I don't buy it!  

All of us at The Barn feel the same way.   

We want our shows to be a reflection 
of what we love, 
what we're passionate about, 
and what represents our 
individual styles. 

Besides, if we don't love it, why would you?   

So, here's what caught my eye at today's auction:

When I spotted these bottles I knew I had 
to have them 
because they'll make awesome lamps!  

If you know me, you know why I loved this piece; 
it's galvanized and it's on wheels!  
(To me, it's like peanut butter and jelly - the perfect combination!)

I thought it would make an awesome coffee 
table with the addition of some 
vintage style lettering 
and a thick piece of glass for the top.

But alas, my assistant, who was tasked 
with bidding on it,
lost out 
and it went to someone else's shop.
(More on that tomorrow!)

This server was beautiful and I seriously considered
it, but it was massive!

When I'm not sure of a piece I try to think of 
where I would put it in any of my friends' homes
and when I couldn't think of a single place
for this one,  I passed.   

Its scale was just too imposing.     

Vintage lockers are a great option to 
keep the family garage or
mudroom organized.

Alas, I lost out on this set because 
I was talking to my "assistant".
(More on that tomorrow!)

I love industrial pieces mixed with
more traditional furnishings because it  
keeps a home from being too predictable, 
not to mention, too stuffy.   
This would be fun as an island,
a bar, a potting table, a server -
so versatile. 

But, it too went home with someone else.   

I can't help myself - I love cubbies.
I'm obsessed with them.
(Is there a support group for that?)

I think it's my deep seeded desire to be 
Martha Stewart.

(And with straight hair!)  

This is my "assistant", 
Jacob, 12 years old
a.k.a. my youngest son.     

More on that tomorrow!

- Gail -