Not what we were hoping for!

Hmm, I wonder if you've stopped 
by today to look for the photos
I promised of all the great stuff
we were going to find on our
barn crew field trip yesterday.
As you recall we set out yesterday 
morning with big intentions to load 
up the trucks with all the great stuff 
we were going to find.
Well, that's not exactly what happened!

We did find some cool pieces
(mostly smalls)
and we did get Maria to wear a tiara,
(so stinking cute!)
and we did stop by one fabulous 
new venue 
(more on that later this week),
but the truth of the matter is,
we had tons of room left in our trucks 
at the end of the day.

We struck out.
It happens.
But you know what?
We had a great time just hanging
out together - doing a little 
Barn Girl/Boy Bonding!

So even if there wasn't a lot of 
"stuff" at the end
of the day,
there was a lot of laughter,
a lot of silliness,
and lots of idea sharing!

Ready for the best photos of the day?

Exhibit #1 - 
Our Girl Maria - the Barn Princess
in her tiara!  
(It was her birthday!)

Exhibit #2
The Barn Crew!

So, don't worry, even though yesterday 
was a bust, we  have lots of time to get 
back out and hunt for the goods before our next show!

   Have you marked your calendar for our
fall show yet?

It's October 7th, 8th and 9th and we 
hope to see you there!

(and your aunts, uncles, sister, cousin, best friend from grade school, neighbor, brother, in-laws, nieces, nephews, the cubicle mate that annoys you, your crazy old friends from the club, the bunco girls and anyone else you think would love to check out our barn show!)

Bring 'em all - we'd love to meet them!   

- Gail -