Plan B

"Plan A" 
every Wednesday is to go
to go the auction, but yesterday's was a complete
bust because of the torrential rain we've had
the past few days.  
So, I implemented
"Plan B"
(because "Plan C" is to go home and clean my house, which is never my favorite plan!)  
 and drove over to Easton, Maryland
to visit the shop of one of my
auction friends, Vic Beecher, 
of White Swan Antiques.
 Vic is an incredibly nice, talented guy who
turns ordinary furniture finds into 
fabulous pieces we'd all love to have
in our homes.  

Vic's shop, 
in Easton, Maryland
is definitely worth 
the drive if you're looking 
for unique, one-of-a-kind painted
and salvaged furniture.
I picked up a fabulous distressed dresser 
with original paint, a leaded glass window and 
some cool vintage advertising letters I plan
to turn into a fun sign!

If you go, tell Vic the Barn Girls sent you! 

- Gail -