Lighting The Way!

In only five days we'll slide 
open the barn doors
and present our fall 

It's been four months in the making, 
and we still have tons to do 
before we're all set, but
at least our lighting is done and
it is 

Curious about what we have?

Check it out:

This vintage chandelier
is absolutely gorgeous and
just dripping with crystals!
 Salvaged barn wood + antique tin =
a super cool directional sign crafted 
for The Barn Show
by a Nashville artist!

Who doesn't love saving relics of the past?
Like this vintage gas station light? 

This one's going to be tough to sell 
because it's just incredible! 
We combined an antique bird cage 
with a petite crystal chandelier and
created an absolutely stunning 
one-of-a-kind chandelier!

 A cool combination of
a trouble light and basket
created a unique chandelier
that would be perfect
in lots of rooms in the house!

Who would have thought 
to take an old, fluted column,
wire it up and hang it in a bird 
hoop for the perfect chair-side
reading light?
The Barn Crew, that's who! 

Stick with us this week,
we're just getting started with the 
sneak peeks of our fall 
Stop back tomorrow night
to see what else we have up
our sleeves!

Until then, just a couple of reminders:

Show hours:

Friday, October 7th - 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday, October 8th - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, October 9th - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD   21054

If you haven't heard or been 
to the barn, we're not kidding
when we tell you Friday 
morning is absolutely CRAZY!

We have lots of parking but you're 
not going to want to miss out on 
anything because you're stuck 
waiting for a parking spot,
so consider carpooling with
your friends to the barn!
(There's a reason we have traffic control 
at every show!)

If you find something you love
and want to take it home with you
please come prepared with 
cash or checks only, no 
credit cards are accepted.

And remember, at every show 
we have a "flea" area in the parking
lot that is loaded with merchandise 
for sale where every penny of 
the purchase price is donated
to the 

Your purchase helps the center's mission
to support individuals and their family 
members affected by cancer!

Thank you!

- The Barn Crew -

Maria, Pam, Gail
Kenny, Calvin and Gregg

Oh, and we would also 
appreciate it if you could all sing
"Rain, Rain, Go Away"
over and over
so we can stop dealing with
and worrying about rain 
and finally set the corral 
with the fabulous bedroom set,
kitchen island, theater seats, 
harvest tables and everything
else we have planned for the space

Thank you for your support!

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