Thank You!

 Sitting - Maria and Pam
Back row - Kenny, Ada - our amazing accountant, Gail, Gregg and Calvin

Ever since our show closed Sunday afternoon, I've been trying to figure out what I could write here
that would accurately sum up what
the entire barn crew was feeling.

Exhausted came to mind!

As did hungry!   

But those words only describe
temporary, physical feelings 
and don't convey
what we're really thinking and feeling.
Our fall show was a huge
success; our biggest and best ever,
for which we are so thankful!
It's such a blessing to be doing
what we love and so rewarding
to see our customers respond
so positively to our efforts! 

We're thankful, and our
hearts are full of gratitude 
for our many blessings:
loyal customers
beautiful weather
supportive families
generous people
(thanks to our customers, we raised almost $500 
for the Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center!)   

 So, on behalf of Maria, Pam, Gregg, Calvin and Kenny, I want to thank you for enduring the crazy traffic jam, the lack of parking at 10:01 a.m., the
crowded barn and the incredibly long
check out lines - all with a smile on your
face, the patience of a saint and such kind 
words for your barn crew!

We can't thank you enough, 
because without you,
we'd just be a bunch of
people with an obsession for 
finding the coolest antiques, 
vintage furnishings and home decor 
on the planet
(with no one to sell it to)!  

Sort of like hoarders!
 (Yeah, okay, but hoarders with really cool stuff!)

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
 - Gail -

Mark your calendars, our holiday
show is December 2nd - 4th!