Checking Our List

With only days to go before
we slide open the barn doors
to present our spring 2012
collection, we're going through
our list:

(like the most beautiful mahogany apothecary cabinet we've ever seen)

(like the most beautiful series of vintage floral watercolors)

Home decor....check
(like an authentic set of old diner dishes, 
vintage seltzer bottles, and retro cameras) 

(like an 1800's jelly cabinet, shabby chic dressers, apothecary cabinet, etc.)

Gift items....check
(like our line of 1820 House candles, 
repurposed license plate key chains and jewelry)

And the unexpected....check!
(like fresh flowers - now 
at The Barn Show!)

(plan to treat yourself!)

Check back tomorrow to 
see how we're doing with
the rest of our check list!