Day 2 - The Recap

Last Chance!

Sunday is the last day of 
our holiday show, which means we 
won't be open again until 
spring 2013!

You don't want to wait that long
to shop The Barn, do you?

Plus, think about all of those 
names on your
holiday shopping list, you need
to get busy, Aunt Evelyn and
cousin Susie need presents!

We've got you covered.  

Aunt Evelyn loves candles, 
(we have so many to choose from, 
Rewined, Swan Creek and 1820 House),

And cousin Susie is the creative one in the
family so she's going to love our line
of hand soldered pendants made by
a Canadian artist.

And then there's your sweet neighbor,
the one that doesn't mind your barking dog,
and annoying children
(kids will be kids!),
she deserves some 
fresh baked cookies
made by MaryKate of 
MerryKakes fame!

And what about Uncle Norman?
Step away from the sock idea, people!
How about a super cool
arrow made from salvaged barnwood instead?

Oh yeah, he's going to love it!

And let's not forget the golden
rule on holiday shopping:
one for them, one for you,
one for them, one for you....

and you know as well as I do, 
 the best present for yourself
would be a 
great new piece of furniture
from The Barn!

Oh, yeah, we've got you covered!


And the absolute most important
thing you need for the holidays:

A place to hang your stockings!

Shopping list complete!
(It's what we do!)

Stop by The Barn
Sunday, December 2nd, 
we're open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD   21054