Back on the Streets

We usually take a little break
after each Barn Show to
relax a little, catch up with our
families, clean our houses, and
start planning balanced meals again -
all of the things we don't do when
we're in barn show mode!

So, while we plan to continue 
enjoying a little R&R, we
haven't been able to 
stay completely away from
the hunt! 

In fact, all of us have been
out and about, searching for
unique pieces to bring back
to The Barn.  

Take a peek:

The graphics on this vintage
Pennsylvania dairy sign 
is what made this metal
beauty a must have:

 We love taking old, discarded
industrial pieces, like these
factory pulleys and repurposing
them into interesting pieces
for the home.   Just wait
until you see what we do 
with this stack of finds! 

What's not to love about
this wall of frames made
from old pieces of painted wood?
We loved them so much when we saw
them at a recent antiques fair that
we bought all of them
and contracted
with the seller to make tons
more for The Barn!

We're always on the hunt
for unique jewelry because  
Barn Girls love a little bling!

We think these leather
cuff bracelets are the
perfect combination of cowgirl chic
and think you will too!

And check out this beauty:
We're talkin' repurposing at
it's finest here, folks!  An
eight foot farm table made from
antique floorboards salvaged
from a North Carolina textile mill!   

So, what do you think?

Are we off to a good start?

And don't forget, our fall show dates:

Friday, September 27th
Saturday, September 28th
Sunday, September 29th