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If you haven't found us on Facebook yet,
here's a peek at what you've missed around
The Barn this summer:

The Big Barn got a fresh 
makeover to match the mini-barn 
our Amish friends built us last spring. 

Kari worked her magic on
this awesome antique buffet.

We have a really talented
artist making us crabs,
mermaids and frames from
wood salvaged from old houses,
barns and mills. 
They're absolutely works of art and 
no two are alike.

Gail hit the road and loaded
up her truck with fun finds
like this old door and antique desk.

We've been doing a little
(okay, a lot!)
of painting of vintage furniture
to turn old pieces into fresh looks
for your home.

But every now and then we
find a piece in it's original painted
condition that causes us to
thank the vintage Gods for 
smiling on us that day.

Pam had one of those days when
she found this 1860's cupboard
with original green and yellow paint
and , trust us, it couldn't be more perfect.
(Oh, the stories it could tell!)

We've spent a lot of time looking
at things in new ways, as part of our quest
to keep old house parts out of the landfill,
to save pieces of the past, by creating
unique furniture one project at a time.

Like these old porch posts.
Believe it or not they were the inspiration
for an awesome kitchen island we're
having made.  The posts will be used
for the legs and we're adding a custom made
stainless steel top and bottom shelf.

Hmm, can't picture it? 

Come to our fall show,
September 27th - 29th
and we promise, you'll love it!

The fun thing about
hitting the road is you never
know what you're going to find.
You can never go with a "wish-list" 
because it never works out.
When you go with an open mind you find the
most amazing things you never knew existed!  

Like this absolutely
adorable two-sided vintage
red bench!

Who knew?

So that's just a small re-cap 
of what we've been up to this summer.

We're having so much fun getting 
ready for our fall show and we can't
wait to present our latest 

Mark your calendars:

Friday, September 27th - 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday, September 28th - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, September 29th - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

email us:  info@thebarnshow.com

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The Barn Crew

 Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari
Gregg, Calvin and Kenny