Truckin' Tales

Before I got in to the vintage gig,
 I never thought it would happen to me.

I'm not that kind of girl!
I don't live on a farm!
I drive a minivan in real life!
I don't even wear camouflage!

But, it did happen to me, and I am that
kind of girl now. 

I drive a truck,
and this is my story.

Well, actually, more like
this is my truck's story.

(Because I know you didn't stop by to read
The Life and Times of a Barn Girl -  
that's another story for another blog post!)

The thing is, when you first get into the
barn show business, you tend to 
think your family ride will be
sufficient to haul home the treasures
you pick up, clean up and haul back
to The Barn to sell at the next show.

And then, somewhere along the way,
your husband starts complaining about
the mileage you're racking up on the mini-van. 
The kids' lax sticks, friends and backpacks
won't fit in the back because it's usually
loaded with pallets you're going to turn into
(yeah, I've spent a little too much time on Pinterest),
or a huge dresser you're going to drop off
on the way to Scouts.

That's when you start thinking about the
All-American vehicle of choice.
The whole baseball,
apple pie and Chevrolet thing.

You start to notice
the guys at the auctions tying down
their purchases on the back of pickups not
shoving them in the back of an Odyssey
hoping the door will close just this one time!

And the next thing you know,
you're laying out your case for an 
addition to the family fleet, and it's
not a cute little two-seater convertible,
that you'd look absolutely adorable in
cruising down the highway, sipping
a Starbucks.

No, in my world, my vehicle of choice looks like this:

It's my gray Silverado
(I think)
8 foot bed
(of that I am sure)
4 x 4
(Yeah, I've used it.   Plenty of times)

It's the one my husband's friends call and ask
 him if they can borrow - which
he always answers:
 "You'll have to ask Gail - it's her truck!"
(The answer is always yes!)

It's the one that gets me safely
to and from whatever auction,
antique fair, salvage yard,
junk heap or picking spot
that's calling my name on any
particular day.
Whether it's in Florida
(the Mt. Dora Extravaganza)
(the Brimfield antique show)
(the Country Living Fair)
North Carolina,
New Jersey,
(you get the drift)
the entire lower 48 states
(my secret sources)
(I'll go anywhere for great finds!)
I make my way there in my Silverado

It's the one that on any
given day looks 
like I just stepped out of a
Sanford and Sons episode.

It's the one that 
I racked up 30,000 miles
last year alone, driving
the highways sourcing
the unique finds I bring
to The Barn for
three shows a year.

"If it's only three shows a year, why is
our garage jam packed 12 months a year?" 
- asks my husband, way too often,
but that's another story.
(Probably part of the ..Barn Girl story!) 

This is about my truck,
the one with the personalized license

Kramer ANGLE
(my view on vintage)
and also the name of my completely
neglected blog,
although people often confuse me 
with an Angel - alot
(okay, maybe that's a stretch),
but people do think the plates mean
Kramer Angel.

They don't.

It's the vehicle I choose
over my mini-van any day
of the week.

It makes me feel 

And let's face it friends, when you're a 
Honda Odyssey driving, middle-age,
seasonal sweater wearing mom,
chilling in a suburban
Mayberry-ish town,
sipping copious amounts of Diet Coke 
out of a ridiculously large barrel

as you're ferrying
your kids to lacrosse and football practice, 
I'm not going to lie,
sometimes feeling a little 
just feels good.
(Pathetic, I know, but I'm just keeping it real!)

It's the one all of my latest
scores arrived in at The Barn
and are now there waiting
for our fall show:





It's the truck I'll be spending
my summer in searching for
the most unique pieces I can find
to add to the fall collection the rest of 
the crew is also bringing to The Barn!

And it's the truck I'd be happy 
to deliver the pieces you'll
fall in love with at our next show,
September 26th - September 28th!

Until then,
Keep on Trucking!
(I can't believe I just said that!)


- Gail Kramer -
or you can call me

which calls for a double

:)      :)

Oh yeah, that picture at the top of this post?
An actual shot of what's in the back of my truck
at this very moment!  

A kid's size red bench that would look
super cute hanging on the wall as a shelf,
and then you could load it up with books,
a plant, cameras, etc., or just use it 
for your kids, which is kind of a novel 
idea too...

The drawer piece?
It's a hardware store cubby direct
from an old New Jersey Mom & Pop
hardware store
(I guess  Mom & Pop moved to Florida and
don't need a hardware store cubby in Boca..),
and an industrial cart with the most
fabulous blue/green original paint that would
make an awesome kitchen island, or maybe
a rolling mini-bar on your patio
(without the hotel room prices) 
or if you added
a couple of stools it would be super cute
for the kids to do their homework at.
(have I mentioned my oldest just graduated from high school?)

Wow, I'm so chatty today - I feel like I've had too much caffeine...maybe it's time to lay off 
the Big Gulps...