Show News!

One of the things I love about the Barn is 
that we're all really good friends,
we support each other and recognize
that we're a united team, and that all of us
are an equal part of what makes 
The Barn, 
the area's best vintage show. 

So, when I realized a couple of days
ago that I would be moving my
son, Shane, into his college
dorm room at the 
University of Oregon,
(to start his freshman year),
the week of our fall show,
(September 26th - 28th)
I freaked out a little.

Lots of things ran through my head:

Maybe my husband can just take him.
Maybe I can fly back in time for the 
last day of the show.
Maybe we can arrange an early
move-in date with the university.
Maybe he won't mind if his
mama is not there.
Maybe this way I won't sob
like a baby when I leave
my son at a college
all the way across the country.

But then, I came to my senses.

As much as I don't want to 
miss a barn show, I don't
want to miss a single minute of being
with my son as he starts his
college years.   

I want to to be there to do 
as much as I can

I want to set up his dorm room,
I want to convince him
to go to some vintage shops for
dorm decor
(which I know won't happen),
I want to go to the bookstore
and load him up with t-shirts and
sweatshirts with the Duck logo
(and maybe a few for myself),
I want to meet his roommate,
I want to mingle with the other parents,
I want to finagle a meeting with the
university president
(it won't hurt to ask him to keep an eye on my baby!)
and to offer Shane more words of advice.
(Make a difference. Work hard. Be kind. Enjoy! 
I better start a list...I know I'll forget something!)

I want to be present as much as I can
before I proudly leave my oldest child and
cry myself a river at 36,000 feet
all the way back home to Maryland.

So, you know what 
The Barn crew said when
I told them all of that?

They said,
"Let's move our show to the
following weekend"!

Yep, it was

Because we're a team and
we're not a whole when
one of us is missing.

Don't you just love it?

So, thank you,
Maria, Pam, Kari
Kenny, Gregg and Calvin

Thank you for changing
everything for me so I can
be with my son and not miss
a single moment of this
milestone event in his life
and not miss our fall show!

Not a single moment!   

How great is that?

So, whew, that was a looonnnngg
intro to our BIG NEWS!

Our fall show dates 
have changed.

We'll be open:

Friday, October 3rd
Saturday, October 4th
Sunday, October 5th

Please join us.

- Gail -
You'll recognize me. I'll be the one
with the puffy red eyes!

Go Ducks!

The Barn Show
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054
(Anne Arundel County)