Whew, after a marathon week of setting 
vignettes, loading in the goodies and fluffing 
all of our great finds, we are finally ready 
to present our holiday collection! 
And you know what? It's all fabulous!
(Is it wrong to toot our own horn?!)

So, here's the scoop;
we open at 9:00 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We'll be open until 6:00 on Friday and 5:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

When you find something you love, 
(and we truly hope you do!)
we accept visa/mc, cash and 
checks with proper identification.

It's going to be crowded Friday morning, so if you
don't like crowds please plan to shop the show later in the day or Saturday or Sunday.
That said, due to parking constraints 
we ask that you exercise patience, caution 
and respect our neighbors by not parking on their lawns or in their driveways. They so kindly put up with our shows three times a year and we really strive to be good neighbors, and with your help we can keep them happy. 
  Unfortunately due to our rural location we have limited parking so please consider carpooling with your friends.

If you are local you know it was a very wet few days and so our parking lot is still drying out, the ground may be slippery (despite the spreading of 35 bales of straw), so please, please be careful! 

We also have tent stakes marked with bright pink caution tape - and in your excitement to see the goods we don't want you tripping and getting hurt. Let's stay safe!
We offer delivery services at reasonable rates, so if you find something you love and it won't fit in your car, we can help you get it home. 
(Deliveries occur after the show ends)

And finally, the most important thing 
we would like to say is "Thank You". 
Thank you for supporting us, allowing us to do what we love and just being such wonderful 
friends to all of us at The Barn Show. 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Need additional information
or directions?

Call us:  410/903-1583
Email us: info@thebarnshow.com

- The Barn Crew -
Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari
Calvin, Gregg and Kenny

Now, who wants to see some pictures?











And for those of you on Facebook
please be sure to view the little
preview video we posted
this evening: