Thank You!

The show is over, the goods are gone...


In the two weeks since our fall show ended we've been on a few picks, hit an auction or two, and an estate sale and are off to a great start gathering the goods for our holiday show, December 4th - 6th.
Kenny and Kari rolling out barrels of fun on a recent pick! 

But before we get too far away from our fall show 
we want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us. Whether it was your first Barn Show or your tenth, we can't thank you enough for shopping the show and allowing 
us to live our dream! 

Thank you!

We also want to thank the incredible group of family and friends who help us at each show by manning the wrap station, who keep the coffee flowing, the traffic moving and the customers happy by helping out wherever they are needed. 

We truly couldn't do it without them and we can't thank them enough for their continued love and support; they're amazing! 

Thank you! 

Our wonderful volunteers:
Ada, Dolly, Karen, Chrissy, Steve, 
Shawn, Sarah, Charlie, Jeremy, Tracy, Jennifer, Tanner, Joy, Jackie, Kyle, Juan, Gio, Gianna, Tim, Jack, John, Alex, Mary, Sharon, Linda B., 
Veronica, Danny, Amy, Lynda L, 
 Jennifer H., and Gail T.

Kyle, Tanner, Fran, Jenny, Sean and Sarah, just some of the
support staff it takes to produce The Barn Show!

Gio kept all our shuttle passengers laughing!

Thank you!

Maria dug deep in the bag of entry slips to find our winner!

We'd also like to congratulate the winner
of the gift basket which included a $100 gift certificate to our  next show, a pumpkin, mum, and Barn Show candle, Sue Tyng!


We'd also like to thank everyone who  purchased something from the "flea" area of our show, where 100% of the money collected or donated is given to the Mid-Atlantic Cancer Foundation to help support the people and families impacted by a cancer diagnosis. 

Thank You. 

We'll get back to doing what we do best -
searching for another barn full of
authentic finds, all the while with 
grateful, thankful hearts!


The Barn Crew

Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari, Calvin, Gregg and Kenny