The Big News!


Over the past twelve years we've worked really hard to build our Barn Show dream into an enormously popular event held three times a year. We've been blessed to have a hugely loyal following with continued growth and increasing success. And while most of it has been wonderful, there are also negatives that have impacted your customer experience, like the lack of parking and the all too often inclement weather. 

We wanted to continue The Barn Show because we love what we do, but dealing with unpredictable weather, parking issues, and the limited barn space started to take its toll. We realized it was time to find a new location, because the truth of the matter is, we've outgrown Maria's sweet old horse barn.

So with bittersweet hearts we started looking for a new location to house our fall show, and after some outside the box thinking, we found the perfect space! Our new location might surprise you, but trust us - it's going to be incredible!

Why? Because it's still going to be everything you've come to love about The Barn Show! Same great crew (LOL), amazing finds, fabulous vignettes, selection, and all the charm you've come to love, 
because even though we'll be in a different location, we're still the Barn Show!

Trust us, we understand, change is hard, 
but change is also good, and we promise
 this change is going to be amazing!

The Barn will be "popping up" at the Annapolis Westfield Mall for our fall show, 
September 22nd - 24th. 
 Our new space, located on the Bestgate Road 
side of the mall is right between Stoney River and Maggianos in a really incredible space 
that's starting to feel like home. 

And the best part? 
(Besides all the vintage fabulousness!)
You never have to go in the mall because 
we have our own exterior entrance with no access from inside the mall.

It's an exciting new adventure 
and we hope you'll come along for the ride!

The Barn Show 
2188 Annapolis Mall
Annapolis, MD 21401

Love, The Barn Crew

Maria, Pam, Gail, Calvin and Gregg
(and Jess and Tracey!)