Please join us October 9th - 11th
to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

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Thank You!

- The Barn Crew - 
Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari
Calvin, Gregg and Kenny


10 Years = New Look!

Our fall show, 
October 9th - 11th marks
our 10th anniversary,
and so we thought it was 
the perfect time to celebrate
the milestone with a fresh,
new logo!

What do you think?

New logo, same authentic finds!

The Barn Show
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054

October 9th - 11th


- The Barn Crew - 


Day One Fun!

It was all hands on deck
today as we met to
start putting together our
fall show, which runs
Friday, October 9th,
Sunday, October 11th
 The Barn
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054
Anne Arundel County 

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Bringing you great vintage finds since 2005!


The Barn Crew 


Lazy Days of Summer Always End

Nobody wants summer to end, but when you have our fall show to look forward to, it makes the transition something to look forward to!

So, until the temperatures start to fall,
and the leaves begin to change, we hope
you enjoy your summer and plan to
join us at our fall show!

Oh, and just one more thing,
our fall show will be our 10th anniversary,
and we're going to celebrate
by throwing our biggest and best show 

Trust us, this one's going to be epic!


- The Barn Crew -

Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari
Calvin, Gregg and Kenny



The lights are out, the barn doors are closed and we're all home resting up for our early morning return to The Barn.  
We'll be back bright and early 
to turn the lights back on, 
get the coffee pot brewing for you, and to do a little last minute fluffing before 
our team of volunteers show up  to help us make your shopping experience the best one possible!

So before we slide open The Barn doors and let you shop our best collection ever, let's go over the ground rules:

1.   Hours:   Friday, April 24th - 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday, April 25th, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and 
Sunday, April 26th, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

2.   Where:  3250 Bottner Road, Gambrills, MD  21054 (Anne Arundel County - conveniently located off the Route 424 (towards Crofton) exit of Route 50.

3.  Parking is limited, so please carpool if you can.  Friday morning is our busiest time so if you don't like crowds please consider coming a little later in the day or Saturday and Sunday, and as much as we love babies and toddlers, Friday morning is just not a good time to shop with them because there's no room for strollers during the Friday morning rush. 
We will have parking attendants at the entrance
to the driveway, in the parking lot and at our
satellite parking area.   Please follow the direction
of the parking attendants
(our husbands, sons, brothers, etc.!)
and if the main lot is full you will be directed
just down the street to one of our really
kind neighbor's who so generously 
allows us to use his field as a satellite
parking lot.   If you are directed to the
satellite lot, we have a 10 passenger shuttle van
that will bring you right to the door of the barn
and you can hop out and shop away!
Once you're done, our driver will deliver
you right back to the satellite lot.
Easy, peasy!
4.  Everything in The Barn has a price tag.  If you
find something you would like to purchase and it
is a small item, i.e., a lamp, book, candle,
please pick it up, DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG,
hand it to one of us, tell us your name and
we will start a pile for you on our hold
table with your name on the items
so no one else can take them.
If you find a piece of furniture, and are 100% sure you want it, please stand by it, flag down a 
Barn Show member (wearing black aprons)
and we will help you pull the tag.
Items are not considered SOLD until they
have been paid for.
If for any reason you change your mind,
please give the tag back to a crew member
so we can re-tag it so someone else can
purchase it.

Items with tags pulled and not 
paid for within one hour will be
returned to stock and re-tagged.

5.  If you find something you love (and we hope you do!), we accept cash, checks with proper identification and Visa/MasterCard. 
If you would like to use your Visa/MC you are
welcome to do so with a 
minimum purchase of
6.  Now, let's talk about the checkout line.   So
we can get you in/out with your purchases
as quickly as possible, we ask that you please
enter the line behind the main barn
and you will be directed to one of the
checkout lines.   We will have a line
expeditor who will direct you to
a cashier in accordance with how you
plan to pay - cash, check, credit card.

7.  If you're driving a Smart Car and fall in love with a big dresser, you can always borrow a friend's truck and pick it up later , or inquire about the delivery service we offer.  Kenny delivers everything from armoires, to farm tables, to dressers, buffets and anything else you can't fit in your car.
Please keep in mind all deliveries 
are made after the show is over. 
8.  The barn crew and our volunteers will all be wearing black or green aprons, so if you need some help, have a question, or just want to tell us how much you love The Barn, :), please let us know.  We're here to serve you, and will do whatever we can to make your visit to The Barn an awesome one!
9.  Hmm, I'm sure there are other things I need to tell you, but I'm a little tired right now and can't remember!  So, I guess I better finish this up and get some sleep so I can be at my best with the rest of the crew (Maria, Pam, Kari, Calvin, Gregg and Kenny) tomorrow morning.
10.  I just remembered the most important thing - have fun!  Enjoy the show!  We're going to be so happy to see you!

Call us if you get lost, have questions 
or just want to say hello, we'd love
to hear from you! 

Find us on Facebook

- Gail - 


Take a Peek -

Just a small sampling
of what's waiting for you
at our spring 
Barn Show!












Show information, with
all the details, such as directions,
policies, payment options,
what to expect, etc., will be posted
later this evening.

Until then, if you have any 
questions, please give us a call,
we'll be working at The Barn
all day today and would be
happy to take a little break to
chat with you and answer any
questions you might have!

Thank you - we can't wait
to see you this Friday - Sunday,
April 24th - 26th,
at The Barn Show
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054


- The Barn Crew - 


The Home Stretch

 The Barn Show
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054
(Anne Arundel County)

Almost every day for the past few months, one or all of us have been either at The Barn getting ready for our spring show, or out hunting high and low for the great pieces we have in each of our shows.  

 We've been up and down the east coast picking in barns, attics and auctions for unique pieces we'd love to have in our own homes, picking them up, and in most cases cleaning, painting, repurposing, and imaging where they would fit in The Barn, how they could be used in your home and then carefully creating vignettes that will showcase each piece beautifully.  

We're working feverishly this week to put the 
fruit of our labors into place and we really
think you're going to love what you see
when you visit our spring show,
Friday, April 24th - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 25th - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 26th - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Now with every show, we have to share a 
few guidelines on how we operate,
so that the newbies and our long-time
loyal customers can all have a really
great shopping experience.
So, are you ready for the ground rules?
Here goes, and in no particular order
(this barn girl is tired!)

1.  The absolute most important rule is to 

"Have Fun, Enjoy Yourself", 
have some (free) coffee and some (free) water
and (free) cookies, and take your time shopping 
the show.  We're a unique shopping experience and you're going to want to savor your time with us, and we're going to want to spend some time with you, so don't rush in and rush out!  

Slow down, enjoy, and be sure to say hello,
because we're so happy you're even considering spending your valuable time with us, that we want to have an appropriate chance to say hello and thank you before you rush off!

2.  When you find something you love, 
(and we truly hope you do!)
we accept visa/mc, cash and 
checks with proper identification.
The only caveat is that if you'd like to use
your credit card we require a minimum of a 
$25 purchase to do so.
For our longtime customers - this is a new rule
so please make sure you take notice!
(Thank you!) 

3.  It's going to be crowded Friday morning, so if you
don't like crowds please plan to shop the show later in the day or on Saturday or Sunday.
That said, due to parking constraints 
we ask that you exercise patience, caution 
and respect our neighbors by not parking on their lawns or in their driveways. They so kindly put up with our shows three times a year and we really strive to be good neighbors, and with your help we can keep them happy. 
  Unfortunately due to our rural location we have limited parking so please consider carpooling with your friends.

4.  If you are local you know we've had some rain the past couple of days and so our parking lot is still drying out, the ground may be slippery , so please, please be careful! 

5.  We also have tent stakes marked with bright pink caution tape - and in your excitement to see the goods we don't want you tripping and getting hurt. Let's stay safe!
6.  We offer delivery services at reasonable rates, so if you find something you love and it won't fit in your car, we can help you get it home. 
(Deliveries occur after the show ends)

We only have three days to sell a barn full of
treasures we have spent tons of gas money and time finding,digging through dirty old barns, sweating (or freezing) our little bottoms off at auctions waiting hours for one item to come up, and not to mention the amount of time it took us to clean them up, paint them up, repurpose them, make it all look adorable and despite all of that, we price everything in The Barn to sell - we're known for our excellent prices, so please respect the hard work that goes into it!
(thank you!)

If you get to the show and find something you love, just look for one of the crew members - we'll all be wearing black aprons with our barn show logo on the front and we'll be happy to start a hold pile for that's managed by one of our crew members and an awesome group of volunteers.  

9.  TAGS
Everything is tagged from the lamps to the tables to the awesome homemade bread we have made for us,
and so if something doesn't have a tag it probably 
means someone beat you to it.  If you do pull a tag
on a piece of furniture, find a crew member right away so we can mark it as a PENDING SALE. No item is 
considered SOLD until it is paid for.
Small items, such as jewelry, pictures, etc., can be given to a crew member and placed on the hold table with your name on it so no one else can claim them.  

Wow, who knew there were so many "rules" about
shopping a Barn Show!  

Stop back tomorrow (Tuesday) so I can share some
more information about parking, the shuttle bus, 
the best time to shop the show, etc.  

  But until then, the most important thing 
we would like to say is "Thank You". 
Thank you for supporting us, allowing us to do what we love and just being such wonderful 
friends to all of us at The Barn Show. 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

or find us on Facebook
The Barn Show/Gambrills
for the most current photos

Need additional information
or directions?

Call us:  410/903-1583
Email us: info@thebarnshow.com

- The Barn Crew -
Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari
Calvin, Gregg and Kenny


On Trend, At The Barn Show

Every now and then
(more often than not)
we spot something in 
a design magazine,
like House Beautiful,
Country Living,
even Architectural Digest
that we have at
The Barn Show!

Calvin noticed the very same style
lockers we have waiting for
you at our spring show,
April 24th - 26th,
were used in a very creative
way and featured in a recent

We loved how they installed
a set of lockers into the
wall for some unique storage space.

Stop by The Barn and pick up 
the set we have and you can 
create the same look in your own home!

And who doesn't love getting
a fabulous designer look for 
a lot less?

You can buy this designer chandelier
for over $5,000, 


or get the same look for
a lot less at our spring
Barn Show
for less than $300!

Now, that's a deal!

And there are plenty more,
The Barn Show!
Friday, April 24th - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 25th - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 26th - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054 



Pairing Up

It's like Noah's Ark around
here the past 
couple of days as pairs of
things have been arriving
for our spring show,
April 24th - 26th
The Barn Show
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD  21054
Even though these desks aren't
exactly alike, Kenny painted
them the same creamy white
and they have the same look 
to them: fabulous! 

 Gail found this pair of vintage
doors at an auction a few months ago, 
cleaned them up and added mirrors and we
think they'd look fabulous 
together in a foyer.

It's always fun to combine elements
to create something new and 
these shutters with
seahorses is the perfect
example of repurposing something
destined for the dump into a fun,
new coastal inspired statement 
piece for your home!


Stop back tomorrow for some more
sneak peeks of what's waiting for
you and your friends, at
The Barn's Spring Show

Friday, April 24th - 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday, April 25th - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, April 26th - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Barn
3250 Bottner Road
Gambrills, MD d  21054
Anne Arundel County 



You're Invited!

Spread the news,
invite your friends,
your family, your co-workers,
and that sweet barista at your
favorite coffee house!

Bring them all - we'd love to
see you and all of your friends!

Thank you!


The Barn Crew

Maria, Pam, Gail, Kari
Calvin, Gregg and Kenny